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We knew this, didn’t we? #2: BeMS and the IT Network

By Dr Andrew Eaton
17 June 2020

Product Marketing Manager

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IT network

Your BeMS is reliant on the IT network. When it fails, your BeMS fails with it. Talk to SSE about a maintenance and monitoring solution

IT Network Management and BeMS

Like all aspects of IT infrastructure, your network requires on-going support to keep it running at peak efficiency. Organisations rely on their networks to enable critical communication to be passed seamlessly from one device to another and when that line of communication is disrupted, or broken, services can experience complete blackouts and be expensive to fix without proactive maintenance. With an IT network support contract, we take away the very real risks of network downtime and related knock-on effects. This stress and worry are removed by us managing and looking after the network on your behalf.

BeMS systems rely on network and IT systems. The network covers everything that the BeMS needs in order to talk to its endpoints. This can be anything from the router that is managing the data, the switch that transports it, or down to the fibre and copper cable that the data travels across. The server is then responsible for presenting this data to the end-user and saving and storing the events that are happening. All of this is generally covered by IT teams. As with all things in the mechanical and electrical sphere, these systems need to be constantly monitored and maintained.

Maintaining the servers can resolve many issues before they occur and prevent their becoming more serious problems than needed. For instance;

  • Being able to see an impending hard drive failure, before they fail and take down the server;
  • Performing updates to the system so the server is patched to its latest version removing vulnerabilities.

Remote Optimal

The provision of remote support enables us to securely connect into the system and tackle issues as they occur; reacting to alerts when devices are experiencing issues, dropped connections, etc. More information about our remote services can be found here.


You’re not on your own

Talk to SSE about a maintenance and monitoring solution:

  • IT network management
  • Real-time alerts and pro-active fixes before system issues arise.

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