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We’re changing our name. Slightly.

By Dr Andrew Eaton
04 March 2021

Product Marketing Manager

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On 14th January 2021, Nathan Sanders, Managing Director of SSE Distributed Energy, of which we are a part, announced a brand refresh that involves bringing together SSE Business Energy to sit alongside the SSE Distributed Energy division.

The new combined brand will change to be called SSE Energy Solutions. Dropping “Enterprise” from the name may seem like a minor change to you, but for us, it represents a greater integration into the SSE organisation and will allow us to offer you access to a much wider range of green energy solutions, and a growing suite of integrated smart energy infrastructure solutions. These will complement and build upon our existing BEMS and Smart Building products and services.

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For now, the logo above will start appearing on communications from us, and on our website, to inform people of the coming change, which will be fully rolled-out mid-way through the year.

Rest assured that all our existing products and services will remain, as will the people who develop them and deliver them to you.

Those of you who know us by, and use, our legal name of TESGL Limited will find that this will remain the same, and there is no requirement for you to change anything. Please continue to use this legal name on documents such as purchase orders, invoices, and cheques. That said, our trading name will eventually change to become TESGL Limited trading as SSE Energy Solutions.

More updates will be announced on our News and insights and LinkedIn page.

For more information on the wider range of products and services, call us on 0345 072 9529, or email us at info@sseenergyoptimisation.co.uk