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Smart meters: the new solution for old meters

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By SSE Energy Solutions
12 September 2023

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Just like the food in your fridge and cupboards, energy meters have an expiry date. For meters, this is known as a ‘certification date.’ The lifespan of a meter is 10 to 30 years, depending on the meter type. So, as your meter reaches the end of its lifespan, you’ll be contacted by your energy supplier to take appropriate action.

Read on to learn more about what your business can do when your energy meter reaches its certification date.

What happens when your meter reaches the end of its lifespan?

The functionality of older meters is similar to that of electrical appliances. Much like an old microwave might not heat up your food properly anymore, your old meter might not function as it used to. Once your meter passes its certification date, it could become unsafe, and might not be tracking your energy usage properly. Taking action before this stage is essential.

Do old meters need to be replaced?

When your meter reaches the end of its permitted lifespan, we’re legally obliged to replace your meter to ensure your safety. Replacing your meter also means avoiding any complications that may arise from having an older meter. We’re upgrading our eligible business customers to smart meters as the new standard. Arranging a smart meter installation is simple, hassle free, and comes at no additional cost*.

What benefits will a smart meter offer your business?

As the most up to date metering technology, smart meters are a big improvement on older meter models. Your business will enjoy numerous smart benefits.

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Characteristics of traditional meters

  • Manual meter readings required.
  • Risk of estimated bills.
  • Manual calculation needed to understand how much energy you're using and when.
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Benefits of your new smart meter

✓ Automatic meter readings‡.
✓ Accurate, timely bills.
✓ Monitor your energy usage via our free energy management tool: SSE Clarity†.

In addition to providing benefits to your business, smart meters play a big part in the UK government’s net zero plans. The data collected by smart meters allows energy providers to understand how much energy is being consumed, meaning they can balance green energy resources and reduce dependency on fossil fuels. With a smart meter, your business will be included in the journey towards an independent, sustainable future of energy for the UK.

Smart meters are being installed as standard, so arranging your appointment is quick and hassle free. Complete our quick and simple registration form and our Smart Metering team can contact you.

You don’t have to wait until your meter reaches its certification date. Although you’ll be contacted as your meter reaches the end of its lifespan, you can arrange your smart meter upgrade today and start enjoying smart benefits.

*There is no additional cost for a standard installation of a SMETS2 smart meter. The costs of installing and maintaining a new meter are covered in the same way as those of your present energy meter.

‡In the unlikely event that our communication with your smart meter is disrupted, we may advise you to submit a manual meter reading, or you may receive an estimated bill.

† Terms and conditions apply.