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Remote Optimal™ – Intelligent Places, Intelligent Energy

By Dr Andrew Eaton
06 March 2020

Product Marketing Manager

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Remote Optimal allows our Energy Management Centre, staffed by energy and BeMS specialists, to connect remotely to your site and both monitor and act upon insights generated, as well as regular reporting and alarm escalation, to allow you to concentrate on your core activities.

Remote Optimal

Is an integrated system providing remote monitoring, visualisation, optimisation and control of;

  • BeMS systems;
  • Various sensor types;
  • Energy consumption;
  • Assets;
  • Plant.

Smart Building

Remote Optimal allows you to upgrade your site to a ‘Smart Building’, providing;

  • Enhanced occupant experience and comfort;
  • Lower energy consumption;
  • Reduced carbon footprint/ CO2 levels;
  • Well-being and productivity.

Technology Agnostic

Remote Optimal is technology-agnostic and, in addition to managing HVAC systems, is particularly effective in environments with complex plant needs.

Energy as a Service (EaaS)

Understanding your assets can support Energy as a Service, from managing DUoS, having a virtual power plant or trading your assets for additional revenues, truly enabling a Smart Building.

Intelligent Places, Intelligent Buildings

Optimal Assist

Remote Optimal Pie Chart

Is a remote alert-and-assist service designed to be the most effective way of avoiding and fixing critical problems with the equipment in your buildings?

Optimal Assist is for customers who require a powerful easy-to-use remote solution for often complex and diverse built environments; a solution that gives you absolute peace of mind.

Optimal Insight A complete cloud-based energy optimisation package designed to give you a real understanding of how your energy is consumed and then empower you to fully engage in close monitoring and targeting.

Optimal Insight gives you a visual way to navigate through your utility portfolio and to make sense of it. This enables you to achieve more effective energy usage along with more efficient management of all your energy assets.

Optimal Control

Is a powerful way of improving the performance of your building and energy, which can save a considerable amount of money whilst enhancing the comfort and overall experience of your occupants.

Using detailed site analysis, Optimal Control indicates how each of your assets is performing and enables fine-tuning to improve longevity, to improve performance, to save energy, to improve well-being and to increase productivity.

Remote Optimal Features

Technology Agnostic

All your equipment controlled in one place.

Advanced Analytics

Understand what’s going on.

Remote Fixing

No waiting for an engineer to turn up – immediate correction.

Energy Management Centre

Dedicated team of experts.

Business Energy Intelligence

Intuitive data visualisation – easily spot trends and changes.

Critical Alarm Management

Immediate notification of important alarms. Nuisance alarms filtered out.

Global Tool

Quickly change settings across an entire multi-building estate.


Able to monitor every variable.

Wireless Sensors

Less wiring, lower installation costs, wide array of available devices.

Planned Seasonal Exercises

No surprises, scheduled to suit your needs.

Customer Portal

Track engineer visits, access service reports and back-up data.

For more on intelligent buildings, intelligent places through Remote Optimal, call us on 0345 072 9529 , or email us at info@sseenergyoptimisation.co.uk