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Join us online for Net Zero Week

By Rob Silvester
06 July 2021

Head of Marketing

Meet our SSE Energy Solutions experts

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2021 is a crucial year in the fight against climate change.

In November, world leaders will come to Glasgow for COP26 when the pressure will be on them to deliver some meaningful global targets for net zero.

As a Principal Partner of COP26, at SSE we’re proud to power change every day by developing the low carbon energy infrastructure we need to help decarbonise society.

And at SSE Energy Solutions we’re delighted to be sponsoring Net Zero Week this month.

What is Net Zero Week?

It’s a new UK national awareness week running from 17-23 July, with online events that will match up industry experts with businesses and organisations who want to go green.

It’s an important chance to focus on the challenges and opportunities that come with trying to radically realign the way we run society as we all tackle global warming.

So if your organisation wants to cut carbon but isn’t sure how, then Net Zero Week is for you. At SSE Energy Solutions we specialise in getting businesses on that net zero journey.

We’ll be hosting two webinars: one to help companies with EV solutions and the second on the role of digitalisation when it comes to decarbonisation.

How can companies get on the road to net zero?

As well as a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars, the Climate Change Committee has called for 16 million electric vehicles to be on the road in the UK by 2030. Achieving that target would significantly help the UK meets its ambitious target of net zero climate emissions by 2050.

At this webinar, we’ll blow away the mystique that exists around making the switch to electric vehicles and fleets by outlining how businesses can get started. Join us as we delve into:

  • The many benefits of making the switch to electric
  • The technology and investment required to enable the shift to EVs
  • EV workplace charging: how to make your employees’ lives easier and show your commitment to sustainability with a simple, scalable solution
  • EV charging: innovative infrastructure solutions to support transport, fleets and communities
  • Giving companies and employees confidence that they’re driving EVs powered from renewable sources

This webinar is open to all organisations who want to find out how to get on the road to net zero.

How you can use digitalisation to accelerate your path to net zero

In the year of COP26, there is increasing pressure on organisations in the UK to define their road to net zero. Irrespective of organisation, the optimal path will undoubtedly have digitalisation at its heart.

At this webinar, we’ll help you to discover:

  • How to use data to target tactical quick wins that reduce both costs and carbon
  • How to capitalise on flexibility payments as a smart energy ‘prosumer’ whilst reducing the carbon intensity of your energy supply
  • How smart buildings, smart places and smart cities can enable decarbonisation, generate revenue and deliver wider societal benefits

Find out how new technologies and digitalisation can support your net zero ambition in this webinar aimed at businesses and local authorities of all sizes.

We look forward to seeing you there.