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Celebrating National Customer Service Week

By Dr Andrew Eaton
28 September 2020

Product Marketing Manager

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National Customer Service Week has become a regular annual event with us. It is taking place during the first week in October and gives us the ideal opportunity to recognise and celebrate the value of delivering an excellent customer experience. Whilst, in this strange year, we can’t get together in the branches, we can still use the event to reaffirm our commitment to our customers in an effective and safe manner. The theme for this year is INSIGHT.

Back in March, of necessity, we suspended our normal surveys of customer satisfaction. However, more than ever, we appreciate the importance of staying close to our customers, and to understand their changing needs in these uncertain times. Because of this we are using the National Customer Service Week theme of INSIGHT as an opportunity to reinstate them on a regular basis.


Our surveys are an ideal way to provide insight into how well we are responding to our customer’s needs, whilst also assuring them that our large and highly-trained engineering team and dedicated energy management centre are still there to support them with whatever challenges they are facing with their BeMS. Our survey results are reviewed by our local teams and shared with our SSE senior management team. We take quick action to resolve any issues that have been identified as a result of the survey, whilst also celebrating every success that we have.

One of the key measures in the survey is the Net Promoter Score. Any score above zero, whereby more customers promote, rather than criticise us, is considered good whereas a score of 50 is considered excellent. In a roundup of all responses received in 2019, we achieved a score of 63, which is almost a classification of “world-class”! Full details of 2019 results can be seen elsewhere on this blog.


We will report and react to all responses until the end of the year, when we will announce the results under “the new normal”.