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Developing solar solutions to help you reach Net Zero

Solar panel

If your organisation is energy-conscious and you seek energy price stability, reduced energy costs and a lower carbon footprint, we can provide you with fully-funded, fully-maintained, zero-carbon Solar PV solutions that can make a material difference to your organisation’s bottom line.

Reduce energy costs reduce carbon footprint

We design and build solar systems with no up-front cost to our customers, delivering long-term sustainable energy at a stable price typically below market rates, bringing immediate customer benefits.

At SSE, we have a proud history of developing, building, owning, operating and maintaining energy assets and we are trusted as a market leader in developing integrated Distributed Energy infrastructure for customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

What is our funded solar solution?

SSE Energy Solutions offers fully-financed solar solutions where we develop, build, own, operate and maintain solar systems, either on a customer’s site or nearby available land. Zero carbon energy is then provided to the customer at no upfront cost – simply charged under a fixed term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

We utilise onsite space such as car park canopies, vacant ground space, or roof-tops to deploy Solar PV and create value from underutilised assets. If you don’t have available onsite space, we can secure offsite land, delivering energy through a private wire, or from a remote solar facility via the grid. Our whole-system capability means we can integrate solar generation with a wider range of complementary distributed energy solutions, bespoke to your site requirements.