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Perthshire architect praises benefits of going Green to help build business

Robin Baker Architect

After switching to the SSE Green energy tariff, Robin Baker found he could improve his firm’s carbon footprint while also giving his business a competitive edge.

Architect Robin Baker has always had to consider the environmental impact of his designs, taking the time to source everything from renewable insulation to reclaimed materials for green-savvy clients.

But now the Perthshire-based small business owner has found a way to lower the carbon footprint of his firm too.

After his current energy contract ended, Robin decided to become an SSE Green energy customer, and all of the electricity he now uses comes with a zero emission rating. 1

It was a conscious decision for us to use the SSE Green tariff. I was renewing our contract and came across SSE’s package as one of the options. I didn’t think the extra premium for the green tariff was very large – and I was willing to pay the extra because I support the principle of renewable energy.

Robin Baker

Four years ago, the art deco Birks Cinema in Robin’s hometown of Aberfeldy was saved from ruin with a restoration project partly funded by one of SSE’s community funds.

“The renovation of the Birks Cinema in Aberfeldy, which I was involved in, benefitted from a £100,000 grant from the community fund. It meant a huge amount to us and helped the project to be a great success.”

I was aware that SSE was a strong supporter of renewable energy as I was involved in a local community project that received support from one of SSE’s local community funds.

Studies have shown that 90% of customers are more likely to trust a company that supports social and environmental issues,2 so Robin urges other small and medium business owners to consider the numerous benefits of SSE Green.

“I would of course encourage other small business to boost their green credentials.”

“Using the SSE Green tariff is just one easy way that can help."

Using the tariff works alongside our general ethos and the way we do business. Sustainability is something we wholeheartedly support.

  1. Backed by a Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin where electricity consumption used is matched to an equivalent volume generated by our wind and hydro assets then exported to the national grid.
  2. Harvard Business School Study, The Impact of Corporate Sustainability on Organizational Process and Performance.