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Green energy is a bright business idea for Scotland’s leading film and events production company

speakesy team

Award-winning corporate film and events company Speakeasy Productions is boosting its environmental credentials by joining the SSE Green energy tariff.

From recycling glass bottles to switching off lights, reducing our impact on the environment has become second nature at home.

But these days it’s not just individuals who focus on reducing and reusing – it has also become a key part of many modern business models too.

Since being established in 1993, Speakeasy Productions has made it its mission to be as environmentally friendly as possible, believing it to be essential for both the environment and its competitiveness in the market.

Last year Speakeasy also signed up to Zero Waste Scotland’s Resource Efficiency Pledge, and joined the SSE Green energy tariff to further boost its green credentials.

The SSE Green energy tariff allows all of the electricity an organisation uses to come with a zero emission rating and is an easy way for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.1

“The Speakeasy team has always been passionate about the environment and we’re always looking for ways to reduce our impact,” explained producer Vicky Masterson, who is also the company’s ‘Green Team Champion’.

As well as helping the planet, being environmentally efficient can help us reduce costs for our clients. For example, our video team might suggest using one crew member instead of two, and plan a shoot to minimise the amount of travel required.

Vicky Masterson
Producer and Green Team Champion

She added: “Our finance director, Shona Johnstone, found out about the SSE Green energy tariff and could see immediately it was ideal for us.

“We’ve been on the tariff since June and are really delighted to be using SSE Green. This will really help with achieving our objectives under the Resource Effciency Pledge.

”According to an 18-year study by Harvard Business School, there is also evidence to show that being environmentally responsible has a positive impact on business growth."2

Vicky said: “All small and medium businesses should be looking to improve their environmental credentials as a priority. Increasingly now, businesses are coming under pressure to change from their clients and suppliers – as well as legislation – so ignoring the environment is not an option."

“Being on the SSE Green tariff is definitely a feather in our cap and sets us apart from the competition.”

She added: “It’s also brilliant to have the specially designed SSE Green logo and certificate to include in our proposals and marketing material.”

“We are definitely greener with SSE!"

  1. Backed by a ‘Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin’ where consumption used is matched to an equivalent volume generated by our wind and hydro assets then exported to the national grid.
  2. Harvard Business School Study, The Impact of Corporate Sustainability on Organizational Process and Performance.