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Enabling the transition to net zero

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The energy market in the UK is going through unprecedented changes, with carbon reduction becoming a top priority for many organisations.

Net zero starts with efficiency

The business case for Energy Efficiency is not only about reducing operating costs and meeting carbon reduction targets. Energy Efficiency will also contribute to a more comfortable and productive environment for your staff, customers, or the citizens using your services. It will also demonstrate your organization’s commitment to act strategically and in the interests of long-term sustainability.

The changing carbon attitude

UK industry is currently experiencing a seismic shift in attitude towards carbon emissions. A topic until recently considered more of a regulatory issue, carbon reduction has been propelled to the top of corporate agendas. It is now a significant branding and Corporate Social Responsibility issue which requires organisations to take radical action to achieve carbon objectives.

The changing energy landscape

To enable zero carbon, the entire energy industry is in transition. Large scale, central coal and gas generation is being replaced by smaller renewable generation sets closer to demand. Predictable, controllable generation is being replaced by intermittent wind and solar.

Networks that channel power out from the large central plants through increasingly smaller cables to towns, streets and homes are being put under pressure as more generation is connected at their outer edges.

The changing energy economy

A decade ago, when renewable technologies first emerged, subsidies made their deployment an easy choice for businesses. Move forward to the current day and subsidies have been removed resulting in longer payback periods. Additionally, non-commodity (non-power) energy costs are increasing year-on-year and regulations are becoming ever tighter.