SSE Energy Solutions, AWS and Intel: Smarter Sensors for Safer Cities

By Patrick Mitchell
27 February 2023

Head of Smart City and Places

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SSE, Intel and AWS

Developed in partnership with Intel, AAEON Technology, and utilising AWS' web and cloud hosting expertise, Cornwall Council has deployed SSE Energy Solutions' Sentinel optical sensor to gather smarter data to support behavioural change and economic growth in the county.

The Smart Kernow project

Cornwall Council’s Smart Kernow project harnesses smart technology to support behavioural change and economic growth in the county. SSE Energy Solutions has been a strategic partner of Cornwall Council for over 15 years, and our Sentinel sensor is key to safer, cleaner, vibrant cities and places in the coming years.

Smart Sentinel data

SSE has deployed two Sentinel sensors to monitor the flow of people, traffic, and air quality in the vicinity of Lemon Quay, Truro. Cornwall Council can now access real-time and actionable data on visitor flow, air quality, dwell time to make informed policy decisions to revitalise the high street, improve air quality, and the overall health and wellbeing of residents.

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The data collected by the Sentinel sensors is influencing and shaping the future of Cornwall.

Glyn Williams
Head of Integrated Public Transports, Parking, And Technology, Cornwall Council

Sensors are the blood line or the nervous system of a smart city because they bring in the data. And without the data we wouldn’t be able to have the meaningful decisions that come from that.

Eunice Mabey
Director of Digital Services, SSE Energy Solutions

Find out more about Sentinel and smart data

Sentinel can be deployed in a multitude of settings. AI is used to train the sensor to classify and count whatever is in its field of vision from multimodal transport analysis, EV car charging hubs to biodiversity net-gain.

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