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Alarm Management and Desigo CC

By Dr Andrew Eaton
16 April 2020

Product Marketing Manager

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Following on from the recent launch of version 4 of Siemens Desigo CC building management platform, developers at SSE Energy Solutions have created additional functionality in the form of Critical Alarm Management, via Desigo CC’s REST API system.

Providing interoperability between computers across the internet using the https protocol, the system includes filtering capability so that the client, or SSE’s Energy Management Centre, can focus on alarms with a dedicated priority, set of priorities, or the alarm points. It has inbuilt customisable service level agreements, procedure details, workflows and the capability to escalate alarms via a variety of communications media such as email, text and voice messaging to ensure that the site engineer is informed by the most appropriate means when a critical fault occurs.

The system can be used either to inform the client directly or can be set to alert SSE’s BEMS experts, via our managed services, who will remotely connect to the site, investigate the fault and take corrective actions where possible to minimise any end-user downtime and discomfort.


Applications for critical alarm management include operational focussed alarms such as blood bank monitoring, Legionella management; environment management (data-centres, telephone exchanges, operating theatres); and commercial driven alarms such as energy target/payback thresholds.

If you currently use or are considering upgrading to Desigo CC and need a powerful Critical Alarm Management system, contact your local SSE Branch, call us on 0345 072 9529, or email us at info@sseenergyoptimisation.co.uk.