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The importance of BEMS migrations

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By Stephen Holland
13 July 2023

Projects Technical Manager

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The phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" was never more dangerous than when it is applied to your BEMS system.

In this blog we talk about the importance of upgrading or replacing existing BEMS systems before the equipment or software becomes ‘unsupported’. Collectively know as 'migration'.

What does unsupported mean?

All products have a finite working lifetime after which they need to be replaced by newer versions, with new features and ongoing support. In addition to physical products such as controllers and other hardware, this also applies to software such as the BEMS, and PC operating systems. Once a manufacturer declares a product to be unsupported, a range of issues arise.


Old equipment is more likely to fail as time goes on. The manufacturer will no longer maintain supplies of spare parts and the number of engineers who are familiar with the product will diminish.

PC operating systems

When the operating system on the BEMS PC is no longer supported, there will be no more Windows security updates, therefore the system becomes vulnerable to viruses, spyware, and other forms of cyber attack.

BEMS software

The manufacturer will not provide assistance or training for unsupported software. No new functionality or patches will be available. If updates to the operating system are made, they may render the BEMS software inoperable.

Why is migrating important?

  • Failure to migrate to newer systems and software could result in a long period of failure with serious disruption to your organisation’s operations
  • Availability of patches and updates significantly reduces the risk of cyber-attack
  • Migrating offers the opportunity to enhance the energy efficiency of the BEMS control strategy, helping to decarbonise your buildings and reduce energy costs
  • Parts and trained engineers are readily available

If any part of an old BEMS system or software were to fail, what would be the consequences for your organisation’s operations?


There are a range of options to consider for financing migration.

Existing budgets

There may be funds available through planned IT programmes.

Energy saving

if the planned migration includes increasing energy efficiency, the cost of the migration and more can be recovered in a reasonable time.

SSE Financing

SSE Energy Solutions can finance the cost of migrations within a multi-year support contract.

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Working with your team we will:- Propose and agree on the best solution to ensure that your BEMS is upgraded, with cyber-security as a priority.

  • The migration from old to new BEMS will be coordinated to ensure between no and minimal disturbance to the building environment
  • Ensure the new BEMS achieves the highest ISO 52120 Class rating. This is a recognised international Standard (based on EN 15232) providing a ranked classification of Building Energy Performance
  • Provide training on the new BEMS to the system operators
  • Offer enhanced BEMS energy monitoring and targeting solutions allowing the new BEMS to be utilised in reducing your building’s carbon emissions and energy costs
  • The migration Warranty will meet the agreed contract requirements
  • An ongoing maintenance and support contract for the BEMS can be arranged. This usually involves a blend of on-site and remote services

We would recommend more frequent BEMS upgrades than the CIBSE recommended 15 years. This has the advantages of both saving money during the building life and, by implementing smaller, more frequent, upgrades, there is less disruption caused to the organisation than there would be if implementing major infrequent replacements.

Whatever your BEMS, talk to SSE Energy Solutions about a migration strategy tailored to your organisation’s needs.