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10 reasons to upgrade to IQVision

By Dr Andrew Eaton
30 July 2020

Product Marketing Manager

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There are many advantages to keeping software up to date, and this applies to your BeMS too. Here are 10 reasons to upgrade from 963 Supervisor to IQVision.

1. Third party agnosticism

Whilst 963 is limited to products from Trend and Trend Partner Channel customers, IQVision is based on the powerful Niagara platform which has industry-wide recognition as a key integration platform, and is technology agnostic.

2. Supports IoT connectivity

IoT wireless devices are increasingly being used in building management systems. IQVision fully supports IoT connectivity.

3. Security

IQVision has comprehensive system security with in-built authentication and is synchronised with LDAP server security. It contains options for secure PW policy and supports encrypted site connections.

4. Granular access control

IQVision offers full and granular control over user account access rights to specific areas of the software.

5. Windows support

Whilst 963 is only supported to Windows 10, IQVisions will support future Windows operating systems.

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6. No Java requirement

963 required users to install a Java plug-in. IQVision uses HTML5-based web pages to eliminate this requirement.

7. Scalable graphics to suit any screen size

In today’s multi-device world, graphics need to adjust to many sizes of screens. IQVision uses vector graphics (e.g. .SVG) for maximum visibility at all sizes.


8. Open platform

Whereas 963 was a proprietary system that was difficult to integrate, IQVision is an open platform and supports BACnet, KNX, Modbus, and LON protocols for easier integration.

9. Optional annual updates

Support, including updates, for 963 was withdrawn in December 2019. IQVision customers have the option of enjoying new features with every update or renewed annually. (Note: upgrades are not mandatory).

10. Not limited to HVAC

Functionality other than HVAC can be integrated and managed through IQVision. An enhanced graphics and feature set means that whilst engineering is initially more complex, the benefits to the user are significant in the longer term.

To upgrade your BeMS to IQ Vision, call us on 0345 072 9529, or email us at info@sseenergyoptimisation.co.uk