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10 reasons to upgrade to Desigo CC

By Dr Andrew Eaton
08 July 2020

Product Marketing Manager

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With the release earlier in the year of version 4 of Siemens Desigo CC BeMS system, there are many compelling reasons why you should upgrade. Here are 10 of them.

1. Cybersecurity

New cyber threats are appearing all the time. Upgrading to the latest technology will prevent your site from falling behind in terms of service patches and security updates. (see our blog on 10 steps to cybersecurity on your BeMS.

2. Obsolete controllers

Technology constantly moves on. By upgrading to take advantage of newer features, you avoid the risk of having unsupported products on-site, which can’t be repaired or easily replaced.

3. Financing options

Flexible energy performance contracting can help to spread the cost of upgrading to allow users to take advantage of the new technology, and make energy savings, sooner, rather than later.

4. Opportunity to increase energy efficiency, look at control strategy via EN15232

Using Desigo CC, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning plants as well as other building systems, such as lighting and shading, can be controlled and monitored flexibly and based on demand. Intelligent applications – tested under practical conditions – prevent unnecessary energy usage.

5. Multi-discipline support

In addition to controlling HVAC, Desigo CC provides support for other systems such as fire safety, power management, lighting, and physical security; all from the same system

6. Greater opportunity for 3rd party integration

Through its open design, Desigo CC offers significantly greater opportunities to integrate third party (non-Siemens) products such as lighting and security, all controlled centrally from the Desigo CC system.

7. Better graphics and user interface

Desigo CC offers a radically enhanced user interface, with support for touch screens, and more detailed, realistic graphics.

8. Greater remote access options

Desigo Control Point allows you to access your building from anywhere in the world, and via touch panels, any PC or mobile devices – wherever you are.

9. Reduced panel sizes

Desigo CC’s new smaller controller footprint leads to reduced panel sizes, thus reducing cost and saving space

10. Include Wellbeing as part of the migration plan

With appropriate sensors (such as CO2, particulates, VOCs, and relative humidity), the upgrade can include strategies to enhance the wellbeing of the building occupants, in terms of personal comfort, effectiveness, and in preventing the spread of pathogens such as the coronavirus.

To upgrade your BeMS to Desigo CC, call us on 0345 072 9529, or email us at info@sseenergyoptimisation.co.uk