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Hey there, welcome to the SSE EV Charging Hubs website! We're all about making your EV charging experience super easy and eco-friendly. This website's your go-to spot for everything you need – info, help, and smooth charging options at our hubs. Get ready to power up hassle-free and join us on the road to a greener tomorrow!

SSE EV Charging Hubs

As part of our initiative to decarbonise transport, we at SSE Energy Solutions are installing public rapid charging hubs across the UK, with the aim to improve the public charging infrastructure and help drivers switch from petrol and diesel, to electric.

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EV Customer Support Line 24/7:

0345 026 0328

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EV Charging Hubs FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay?

You can pay for your charging session with a contactless bank card, via Apple or Android Pay, or through our SSE Energy Solutions App.

How much does it cost to charge?

We charge a flat amount of 69p per kWh at all our rapid charging stations and 49p per kWh at our fast chargers.

How do I get a receipt?

Please contact us via evsupport@sse.com so we can send you a copy of your receipt.

Who do I reach out to if I experience an issue?

Please contact our 24/7 customer support agents on 0345 026 0328 who will be able to assist you.

How long can I charge at your charging stations?

Please refer to onsite parking restrictions as some sites will have parking enforcement in place. We urge all our customers to be considerate of other EV drivers, and to move their vehicle from the charging bay, as soon as the charging session has completed.

Why am I seeing £25 on my bank statement?

When you pay via a contactless bank card or via Apple or Android pay, a pre-authorisation amount of £25 will be reserved on your account. Once your charging session has completed, you will only be charged for the kWh you received during your session, and the pre-authorisation will clear from your account. Depending on who you bank with, it can take a few working days for the pre-authorisation fee to clear from your account. If you have any concerns regarding the pre-authorisation, please reach out to your bank. Please note, the pre-authorisation amount will be taken each time you attempt to start a charging session, so if you are unsuccessful after your first attempt, please contact our 24/7 support line for assistance. If you wish to avoid the pre-authorisation amount, please download and sign up to our SSE Energy Solutions App.