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Make your business stand out and further reduce your carbon footprint with renewable gas.

Why SSE Green Gas?

  • Reduce your carbon footprint and hit your emissions targets.
  • Stand out from competitors and showcase your sustainable values.
  • Show your commitment to sustainability with SSE Green Gas certificate and logo.

What’s renewable gas?

Renewable gas is produced from sources like agricultural materials, food waste and wastewater. And using it results in lower greenhouse gas emissions than the gas derived from the fossil fuels it replaces.

But we recognize that using 100% renewable gas may not suit all business budgets, so we offer a choice of products:

SSE Green Gas is 25% certified renewable gas and 75% carbon-neutral gas backed by carbon offsets – a cost-effective way to reduce carbon. We also pledge to plant one tree in the UK for every SSE Green Gas customer.

SSE Green Gas Plus is simply 100% certified renewable gas – to further reduce your emissions for more ambitious environmental targets.

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What’s certified renewable gas?

All the renewable gas we buy is backed by Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGOs) or Biomethane Certificates (BMCs), so you can be sure it’s genuinely renewable. It’s also independently verified by EcoAct, an Atos company, which makes it easy to report reduced Scope 1 emissions under the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.1

What are carbon offsets and carbon-neutral gas?

Carbon offsets are another way to reduce carbon. Carbon offset projects allow you to compensate for your emissions by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide (CO2) saving elsewhere.

By helping to pay to reduce CO2 in other parts of the world, you balance out, or offset, the CO2 your business is calculated to produce from the natural gas you buy – that means your gas is carbon-neutral.

What gas will I get with SSE Green Gas products?

If you sign up for an SSE Green Gas product, you’ll continue to get your gas through the national grid as normal. The difference is that we’ll buy the equivalent amount of certified renewable gas or carbon offsets to match your consumption.

SSE Green Gas

We match 25% of your consumption to green gas certificates (RGGOs or BMCs). The remaining 75% of your supply is carbon-neutral gas offset by projects to develop wind and hydro power generation abroad, which cut global CO2 emissions.

Organised by Carbon Footprint Ltd, a leading carbon offsetting company, all the carbon offsets we buy are independently verified to international standards.

Learn more about carbon offsetting

To further reduce carbon at home, we also pledge to plant one tree per SSE Green Gas customer in the UK.

Learn more about UK tree planting

SSE Green Gas Plus

We match all your consumption to green gas certificates, so your gas supply is 100% renewable. And additional verification by EcoAct makes it easy to report reduced carbon emissions for gas.1


  1. Scope 1 emissions can be reported using appropriate “Biogas” and “Outside of Scopes” emissions factors.