Our Foresight portal is an adaptive energy trading solution designed to help organisations with their energy trading.

Accessible at any time, across any device, Foresight can help you understand your business’s exposure and risk at the touch of a button and protect yourself against increasingly volatile energy and commodity prices. You can track and monitor the energy market, place triggers and alerts, and transact energy in near real-time. Foresight also gives you the comfort of auditable pricing for each trade you make.

foresight portal 2022

By bringing together the capabilities of several standalone applications, you can save time by accessing multiple services within one place:

  • Immediate access to gas and electricity market
  • Manage energy risk and exposure
  • Access live position data, bespoke reports, price triggers and ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Manage baskets, multiple contracts and sites within the same system
  • Always available, easy-to-use online portal

To find out more about how Foresight can transform your business energy trading capabilities, get in touch or contact your account manager today.