SSE health and safety rebrand project at Clyde Wind Farm

Our people

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We employ over 1,500 energy specialists, consultants and engineers across a network of strategic locations and client premises.

Expertise and passion

We’ve brought together world-class technical specialists with a deep understanding of the technologies that drive their industries, as well as the frameworks, structures, and standards that underpin them.

Our teams include industry experts from government, academia and science, engineering and the energy sector. Together we have a broader perspective on the priorities, trends and innovations shaping the industry.

What unites us is a simple passion for developing simple, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to complex problems. We see it as our responsibility to anticipate problems, investigate the options and deliver tangible results.

Inclusion and diversity

We believe that greater diversity brings broader debate. This leads to better decisions and ultimately better business delivery. That’s why we seek different views and perspectives from a broad range of people across the SSE Group and beyond.

We’re serious about promoting inclusion and diversity. We have a well-defined strategy to encourage difference coming into, staying on and progressing up within the business.

We measure our progress against the Equal Approach Return on Inclusion tool, with the latest results showing that we’ve reached Champion level. This demonstrates the success of our strategy and the robustness of the underlying processes that we’ve put in place.

Since 2016, SSE has also been reporting its UK gender pay gap, the first FTSE100 company to do so. For the latest figures, see our Sustainability Report. We strongly believe SSE’s focus on inclusion and diversity over the last few years has resulted in a real shift in culture, which is key to closing its gender pay gap.

Meet our experts

Nikki Flanders at COP26

Get to know our team of net zero ambassadors and find out how they can help your business with low carbon solutions.

If you'd like to discuss any specifics about decarbonising heat, transport or energy or about the markets in which we operate then you can reach out to one of our specialists.