SSE Climate Connect

Climate change and renewable energy resources for schools

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SSE Climate Connect offers education about the environment through curriculum-aligned classroom activities for teachers

SSE Climate Connect aims to:

  • Educate young people about climate change and the importance of net zero carbon emissions
  • Promote renewable energy, environmental problem-solving, communication and STEM skills
  • Create educational, young-person-led learning materials linking with ‘sustainability and climate change strategy’ for education

As part of SSE plc, a leading generator of renewable electricity in the UK, SSE Energy Solutions wants to ensure future generations can experience our unique natural resources for years to come. Transitioning to clean energy is essential, and this transition must be just, to benefit all society. This brings opportunities for young people, who’ll need the skills to build and operate green infrastructure.

SSE Climate Connect

That’s why we’ve teamed up with award-winning education company, Rewise Learning, to deliver a brand-new schools programme, free to all participating schools.

This is the ideal opportunity for your school to be at the forefront of climate change education, whilst improving educational outcomes for your learners through a unique approach to the subject.

SSE Climate Connect

What we offer:

SSE Climate Connect Hub – When your school signs up to the hub you will get free and unlimited access to all our specially made learning resources, created specifically for primary and ALN (additional learning needs) learners via the SSE Climate Connect digital learning hub. These include:

Learner resources:
  • A suite of animated videos covering themes of climate change, renewable energy, biodiversity and more
  • Fun and educational learning songs appropriate to primary level or key stages three and four
  • Online lessons, blogs, interactive quizzes and information sheets
  • News on how the energy industry is helping to tackle climate change and move towards net zero carbon
Teacher resources:
  • Downloadable lesson plans introducing each topic
  • Downloadable activity booklets to use in the classroom, including poetry writing tasks, art-based activities, enterprise activities and more
  • All content mapped to climate change strategy for education

Register your interest

If your school is interested in accessing these resources, fill in our quick form and we’ll let you know when the SSE Climate Connect hub goes live.