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100% renewable energy with SSE Green Gas

Gary Stalker
By Gary Stalker
22 August 2019

National Account Manager

Green gas crops

SSE Business Energy’s new green gas contract can help your business show its sustainability credentials.

Businesses across the UK can now show commitment to environmental concerns through our new 100% renewable energy contract, SSE Green Gas.

Green gas is obtained from renewable sources such as agricultural materials, along with food and water waste. Producing and using it results in lower greenhouse gas emissions than the fossil fuels it replaces.

SSE Green Gas is fully backed by Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGOs)1 which prove that the gas comes from a renewable source. Each kWh of green gas has an electronic label logging where, when and how it was produced. This RGGO guarantees that the gas is authentic biomethane and hasn’t been sold to anyone else. It’s matched to the amount of gas that your business uses from the UK’s distribution network.

Expanding our SSE Green range of contracts, our renewable gas offering joins our renewable electricity option, both available with fixed pricing to suit your business.

SSE Green Gas can help your business demonstrate its readiness to reduce emissions right now, as the UK government tasks us collectively to hit net zero by 2050. As a dedicated business energy supplier, SSE Business Energy is well placed to support you on your renewable journey, whether you’re a SME or a large organisation.

A growing number of businesses, large and small, are looking to do more to show their commitment to mitigating climate change and are talking to us about renewable energy. As well as being good for the planet, cutting their carbon footprint is good for business; enhancing their reputation with customers, stakeholders and their supply chain, and helping set them apart from the competition.

Research on the consumer side backs this up, with 81% of respondents in a global survey by Nielsen feeling strongly that companies should help improve the environment.2 Nearly three-quarters of consumers say they would definitely or probably change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment.2

To help make sure your customers know you’re committed to renewable energy, you can get a specially designed certificate and logo when you buy SSE Green Gas. This is ideal if you’re looking to enhance your business’s corporate social responsibility credentials.

You can find out more about SSE Green here.

  1. As of March 2020, SSE Green Gas is backed by green gas certificates in the form of both RGGOs and/or Biomethane Certificates (BMCs)
  2. nielsen.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2019/04/global-sustainable-shoppers-report-2018.pdf