Half Hourly Data Collection and Data Aggregation

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Many customers with half-hourly electricity supplies are unaware they can choose their own data collection and data aggregation (DC/DA) services provider. At SSE, we use our expert knowledge in the half-hourly market to ensure accurate data is provided to you and your registered energy supplier.


  • Accurate data – to ensure your supplier invoices are accurate and to help you identify ways to save energy and money.
  • Full compliance – secure data collection, validation and aggregation compliant with industry regulations.
  • Fault management – we work closely with your meter operator and supplier to quickly resolve exceptions and identified faults.
  • Data helpdesk – our half-hourly experts can answer your data queries and help you better understand your energy usage.

What’s data collection?

If you have a half-hourly electricity meter, consumption data is automatically collected from your electricity meter in 48 half-hour periods every day via a remote connection. Where a remote connection is not possible, the data is collected manually via a site visit.

Once retrieved, the data is validated to ensure accuracy and to identify any anomalies before it’s submitted to the supplier. If the data collector has been unable to obtain actual data, estimates will be created.

The data is then securely submitted to your registered supplier for billing. At SSE, we’ll work in partnership with your chosen meter operator and supplier to ensure actual data can be provided.


What’s data aggregation?

Once the consumption data has been retrieved and validated, it’s submitted to the data aggregator, who profiles the data in line with industry regulations and submits this into settlements. This is used to bill the supplier for the energy their customers have used.

The data aggregator also manages any exceptions in the data received. At SSE we take a pro-active approach to identifying, managing and resolving these exceptions to ensure only accurate data is submitted.


Simplifying smart data management

Historically, only businesses with the largest consumption had half-hourly meters. But Ofgem is working on transitioning the whole electricity market into half-hourly settlement, which will see suppliers begin migrating smart meters. This will allow businesses to consolidate all meters under a single half-hourly DC/DA.

So whether you already have a half-hourly AMR or smart meter, or are thinking of upgrading to one, SSE DC/DA can help.

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