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Decarbonising Heat & Cooling Networks

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Decarbonising Heat

Decarbonising heating and cooling at scale in business is a formidable challenge, crucial for meeting the nation's climate and sustainability targets. It has become paramount to shift to low-carbon alternatives, such as electric heat pumps or ground souse systems, demands significant investments and a systematic infrastructure overhaul. With a £60-£80bn market opportunity by 2050, heat networks are one solution to the challenge of decarbonising heating and cooling. According to the UK’s Energy Act, heat and cooling networks are now a core part of the country’s net zero strategy. Heating and cooling network enable us to harness waste and recoverable heat sources and distribute these in the form of affordable, low carbon heating supplies. A vast number of local governments have declared climate emergencies, with heat taking a top priority to help address this crisis. Heat networks provide energy resilience and some decoupling from volatile energy markets, improve local air quality through the removal/avoidance of gas and can provide great employment opportunities to the local community throughout a project’s lifecycle. Heat networks are often lowest cost, lowest carbon solution.

Solutions to help with Decarbonising Heat

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