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SSE UK Offset Gas

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New offset option is the perfect gas choice for carbon-conscious SMEs

100% offsetting through 100% UK projects

These days, there is more pressure than ever on businesses not just to reduce carbon emissions but to work towards becoming net zero.

While electricity from renewable sources is readily available, ‘greener’ gas options have been harder to find – until now.

Introducing SSE UK Offset Gas – in association with Zellar

Working closely with sustainability experts, Zellar, SSE Energy Solutions has launched a brand new gas option that offsets all of the associated carbon emissions against innovative ecological projects based in the UK.

While your business will continue to get its gas delivered through the UK gas network, all your emissions will be monitored and then balanced out through the funding of projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Better still, all the projects supported by the product are based right here in the UK. Where possible, we source peatland offset projects, which reduce carbon emissions as soon as the restoration work is complete. Newly planted trees take several decades longer to start removing significant amounts of carbon.

A Zellar exclusive

SSE UK Offset Gas is exclusively available through the Zellar platform which is designed to make going green, simple, actionable and affordable. So, as well as giving you access to gas offset by ecological projects in the UK, you can also benefit from Zellar’s tools for planning, benchmarking and tracking your sustainability journey.

Introducing Zellar

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– the simple, affordable platform to help your business take action on climate change

Zellar makes it easy for businesses to shape their own sustainability plans, reducing carbon emissions, saving on energy costs and, ultimately, helping to tackle the threat of climate change. Find out how you can establish a clear plan of action for your business at

If you’re a business looking to go greener, join the Zellar platform today where you’ll also be able to access this exclusive product: